Thursday, December 02, 2004

Fun: Several of us went to a nearby town and watched their Christmas parade this evening. I must admit that it was a little strange to watch a parade and not know the people on the floats. Afterwards, we stopped by Starbucks to warm up with hot chocolate. As we entered Starbucks, we could hear the music playing through the speakers: "I'm my own grandpa. It sounds funny I know, but it really is so..." They played Froggie Went a-courtin' and Puff the Magic Dragon and so many others. Then, to add memories to strangeness, they had Shrinky Dinks on the tables with colored pencils for us to color. For those of us 25 and over, it brought back memories. Those under 25 had no clue what Shrinky Dinks were. We colored our patterns and brought them back to the house to shrink them. Too bad the oven light burned out after the first 45 seconds.

Ministry: Today was a day of restructuring and changes for IT. We're trying to rework helpdesk and staff computer training to make them more effective. Takes a lot of work on everyone's parts. Please pray that I can be a visionary in seeing what direction things need to go and how best to implement those.

This Friday night is extended night of prayer. And I mean extended. Starts at 8PM. Ends sometime around 6AM. Come join us! Stop by and call us for more information. We'll be learning about and praying for Bhutan...among other things.


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