Friday, December 03, 2004

It's 11:15PM and All Night Prayer is just beginning. And my eyes are already getting heavy. So while others are down getting coffee and cookies during our 20 minute break, I'm blogging and trying to wake up. I thought about making short posts multiple times during the evening so you could pray with us. But I don't have computer access in the meeting room.

We've been praying for Bhutan tonight. A country of 2.1 million people, less than 10,000 of them are Christians. 73% are Bhuddist. 40% are below the age of 15. 82% are illiterate. Bhutan makes the top ten list of countries where Christians are most persecuted. It is also ranked as the second least evangelized country in the world. The Maldive Islands are the least.

Becoming a Christian in Bhutan means giving up your right to healthcare, education, land ownership, goverment ID card, travel, and citzenship.

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