Friday, November 05, 2004

Scope creep. No, it's not some weird guy who actually uses mouthwash. It's a result of an undefined project. Have you ever had one of those? A small request that suddenly becomes larger. "Stacy, we'd like some really simple lights for my one-act show. Just a couple of _________." You set the lights up, but... that's not quite what they wanted. Just a few changes. And a few more. And suddenly you've put 50 hours of work into what WAS just a small lighting request.

I had scope creep just after I arrived two years. Asked to find out how to link and position a picture in a word document. Got it! Then could I make a macro to do that automatically. Well, okay. Here you go. But we wanted the macro to do this too. Well, we can add that. And next thing you know I've spent 2 months writing macros for this four hour project.

My assistant had scope creep yesterday and today. He was asked to create a power point presentation for when Bro. KP speaks this weekend in CA. 16 hours of work later, SS had a script and 140 slide PPT ready. He stopped by to check the final product and found out the leaders were expecting a presentation of 4-5 slides. Oops.

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