Thursday, November 04, 2004

My cousin SS and I stayed out late (10:30) last night setting up a staff member's home DSL account. It took longer than we anticipated since it wasn't a linksys router, but rather a modem/router/accesspoint all in one from 2Wire. But since supper and snacks came with the night's engagement...

Today SS did power point training Part 1 for the staff--teaching them how they can put together their own power point presentations as they speak at churches and share the ministry with their supporters. Each of the staff members raise their own support so that when you sponsor a missionary, 100% of the support goes to the mission field.

Thank you for your prayers for my cough. I think it's slightly better today. Your prayers are hugely vital part of the ministry. I was just thinking back to a year ago when I was tired so much of the time for no particular reason. Then the dental work had to be done and they discovered the low-grade infection that had been raging throughout my mouth. Thanks to your prayers, that is taken care of now and I feel so much better on an everyday basis.

Glory to God!

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