Friday, October 15, 2004

Let me take a quick break from the building tour... Tonight was a ton of fun. About 20 youth (ages 18-30) gathered at our house this evening for a scavenger hunt challenge! We were divided into teams and then sent through a series of clues. The first clue sent us to D&H's house where we put together a puzzle before we could get our next clue. The digital camera went with us to document the entire thing. We improved a two minute skit, dove fully dressed into a cold pool to get the clue at the bottom, built a pyramid with strangers in Tom Thumb, leapfrogged through Wendy's and bought $0.25 worth of gas. We also built community. I really enjoyed getting to interact with one of my teammates who arrived at the ministry two weeks before I did, but I've never gotten to know. It was really nice when my team won. All the teams returned to our house for hot cocoa afterward and we viewed the digital pictures of the night. When I get a good one on the computer, I'll post it for you.

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