Friday, September 17, 2004

I was going to blog, but as I paused to check my email, I noticed that the GFA email server isn't up. I wonder what's taking so long? Maybe I'll go take them some brownies.

My sister and I had supper tonight with the missions paster of my church and his family. We had a wonderful night. I got to know them a little bit more, but still forgot to ask them about their adoption plans. I need to work on asking more questions and telling fewer stories. They have a seven year old little girl and a four year old boy who are both very ticklish. I was little sister was seven when I graduated from college, so I still think of her as that age. I enjoy being part of a family.

Spoke to the pastor of the Sterling Reformed Presbyterian Church today and it looks like I'll be sharing there for 15 minutes on Sunday evening, October 24th. Also spoke to the computer professor at the college and I may be sharing with the foundations of computer science class.

Thanks for your prayers. I praise God for you!

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