Saturday, July 10, 2004

I'm rather melancholy this evening. I dehydrated myself this morning by accident and haven't felt my best all day. All, my chin has become numb. Like the feeling when you're recovering from being numbed by the dentist and all but the last bit of feeling has returned. That last bit of feeling is missing. This is the only day I've noticed it.

I keep thinking about something Bro. Zac shared Friday. He told of a painting of Jesus he had once seen. There, in the dark corner of the display, a man stood holding the lamp so people could see the painting. The people gathered, so enthralled by the amazing picture of Jesus that they never noticed the man holding the lamp.

Somehow, that's what I want to be. The person holding the lamp so that all can see Jesus-- showing a picture of Jesus so amazing that the people don't notice me.

But you know me--I love the limelight and spotlight. I make a show of everything and stumble over my pride and my obsession with people's opinions. I don't see how it can be done, but somehow...

I must decrease so He can increase.

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