Saturday, June 19, 2004

Good Morning! Yes, Dorinda is still alive.

I spent five wonderful days with my family in Kansas at the first part of this week. Perhaps I should have blogged while I was there, but I liked my sister's statement: "Computer time is very limited and I've got better things to do while I'm on vacation seeing my family in Kansas."

A ministry co-worker from California accompanied me on the trip "to see what harvest was like." We drove the combine, buried ourselves in the wheat kernals, dumped the antique wheat truck at the elevator, watched the deer jump through the field of wheat, admired the sunset, played in the creek, spotted a blue heron lounging at the side of the lake, listened to Grandpa tell the story of the Arkansas jumpin' mule...

The trip ended as we arrived home about 2AM Thursday morning. I flicked through my snail mail quickly before I went to bed and found a letter from an out-of-touch acquaintance. She was one of my students when I was an RA at college. Depressed, suicidal, and without Christ, she had been a part of my prayer list ever since that time. I opened her letter Thursday evening to find the statement, "As a sister in Christ, Dorinda, I love you."

As I read the rest of her letter, I sat down on the floor and started weeping for joy. I could almost hear the angels in heaven rejoicing with me over this lost sheep who had allowed herself to be carried and healed and rescued by the Shepherd.

How great is our God!

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