Monday, May 24, 2004

Oh! Oh! OW! My muscles are still hour of ultimate frisbee and 950 miles in the car has left me feeling old. Sorry for the late post, but I left Friday after work for KS. I stayed up late talking and then got up early (5:30) to play Ultimate Frisbee on Campbell Lawn. I attended SC graduation Sat. morning and visited with friends that afternoon.

JD, my coworker and trip companion, and I drove to Coldwater Sat. evening, stopping by Greensburg to see the world's largest hand dug well and the world largest pallasite meteorite. We even walked down the steps of the well.

Remind me to tell you about the wonderful churches I shared at on Sunday.

Today was a full day at the office. I left the office about 5:30 to install a special program on the P family computer. I stayed until after 10:00 helping set up the new wireless router, playing Go Fish, and eating rice pudding. We also upgraded their IE4 to IE6 and applied 14 service packs and patches.

Are you glad that as humans, our security and safety is in the Lord?

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