Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I'm tired. I'm going to bed. I'll make mint stick brownies tomorrow. Today I spent time reviewing printing procedures for the missionary testimonies. IT Volunteer LMO and Eric and I are preparing for some new procedures that LMO is going to code. I also helped an administrative assistant with a mail merge and installed a new spam filtering program on my email. Now if I can just got my offline folders working.

Pray: That I would keep my eyes on Christ and trust in Him to be my strength while I work with a busy schedule.

Monday night I was at the Powells, Tuesday night was prayer (with ice cream after that I skipped), Wed. is a potluck with visiting college students, Thurs. is a birthday evening (not mine), and Fri. is a Star Wars a thon (4-6). Saturday is a wedding reception for a former staff member. Sunday I have lunch plans with a couple from my church. Then comes Monday again...

Praise the Lord!

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