Thursday, November 18, 2021

Thankful Thursday: Quiet and Chaos

 Today I'm thankful for....

1) Time to simply sit quietly with Greg in our house.  The boys were all off at school and the house was perfectly quiet.  Amazing.

2) Two vehicles and how they make life so much simpler.  Greg can head to the mountains for personal retreat time and I can still pick up kids from school and run errands.

3) A bike and stores that are close -- and how that enabled us to live as a one-car family for so many years.

4) A cousin's generosity with a mountain home to retreat to when we need a getaway.

5) The ingenuity of children.  It drives me nuts!  But without ingenuity, our world wouldn't go very far!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Arbor Hills 2016

Pictures series update!
January 2009

January 2011

January 2012

January 2015

January 2016

Friday, April 17, 2015

What Does Anna Title Hers?

Do you have those friends that are naturally amazing bloggers? *cough* Anna.  You can hear their voice as you read their posts and they can make work challenges, labor, crying babies, and sleepless nights sound poetic.

Those people always inspire me to write, but yet I feel like the only time I can write like that is when I'm relaxed and have time.  And time is something I lack greatly, always.

I'm in the office today while my boys nap at a friend's house.  We have a software training trip coming up and I'm needing to get ready for it.  Yet even here, my lack of time plagues me as I find feature needs and software bugs that I should have found six months ago.


Sunday, February 01, 2015

Arbor Hills Catch Up

Pictures series update!
January 2009

January 2011

January 2012

January 2015

Friday, April 05, 2013

Peeking out from under the table after using the table legs as a jungle gym.  Love this boy!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's a big, big world

Lord, help him make a difference!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

In & Out and A Few More People

This is the second year we've had a team from LeTourneau University in our office for Spring Break Code-a-Thon.  It's fun seeing the changes between the two pictures.

March 2012
(Note the baby still "in.")

March 2013
Just a few more people... and the baby hanging out on the back instead of the front.

So blessed to be able to work with great teams each year!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby J and Molly the Cat

Yay! Petting the kitty is fun!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

My Two Guys

At Cedarville's Missions Week

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Road Trip Stop #2: Taylor University

Road-tripping we will go, road-tripping we will go...

Stop two of our recent road trip was a LightSys stop through Taylor University in Indiana.  We were busy recruiting missions IT interns and talking to Spring Break code-a-thon peoples.  Of course, hanging out with friends and seeing the new Euler Science Complex were added benefits.  This was Baby J's first visit to Taylor!

Baby J manning the LightSys booth outside the new CSE department.
"Yes, may I help you?"
P.S. Yes, the diaper bag, which he is unpacking, is an ICCM backpack.

Mr. A checking out the new server racks in the old Dungeon.
Baby J and his favorite prof with the award-winning CSE Christmas Tree.
Cutting teeth on floppy disk (well, except he doesn't have any teeth yet).

Pray for a Taylor student to join us as a summer intern this coming year!
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Road Trip Stop #1: Thanksgiving in Kansas

Road-tripping we will go, road-tripping we will go...

Our first stop was seeing family in Kansas for Thanksgiving.  I need to grab family dinner pictures from a cousin, but we did have some rural-style recreation the day after Thanksgiving.

Simply put: We had fun. :)

This last picture? This is just a crazy Shriner car in the "Santa Comes to Town" parade. :)
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to Make Chicken Nuggets

I decided to make chicken nuggets for our supper on the go.  Here's how the process went...

1) Grab the recipie.
2) Realize I'm out of homemade "Bisquick."
3) Pull out the Bosch mixer - fastest way to make bisquick.
4) Realize that the butter and sugar is still in there from the attempt to make cookies two days ago.
5) Decide to finish making the cookie dough
6) Dump all ingredients together before realizing that I used the full amount of flour, but only half amount of the other ingredients.
7) Decide to double the cookie recipie.
8) Realize that additional butter is in the freezer.
9) *sigh* and rescue the baby that just woke up from the nap.
10)   ... umm... I haven't decided yet.  But I'm running out of time.

Part II
11) Grab plastic container to put unfinished cookie dough into. Find fake bird and bird nest inside.
12) Wash said container.  Transfer cookie dough. Insert into fridge.
13) Decide to mix Bisquick and extra nugget flavorings as one process.
14) Add paprika to other ingredients already measured.  Discover I don't have enough.
15) Say, "Oh well."
16) Finish mix and grab chicken tenders from fridge where I put them to thaw yesterday.
17) Dump meat out and realize that the bag contains not chicken tenders, but the bones and scraps from the chicken breasts from which the tenders had previously been cut.
18) Extract crock-pot from the cupboard. Dump chicken bones and scraps in crock-pot for cooking.
19) Grab chicken thighs from the Sprouts sale.
20) Finish assembling nuggets and insert into oven.

Hopefully that's the final part to this adventure and the rest will be uneventful.
Ah, if there were only a nugget of truth to that.  When is life ever uneventful?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Visiting Missions

Baby J playing with Doug Nichols- ACTION Int'l Ministries founder and getting his toes counted. :) (GFA friends- see the intro to No Longer A Slumdog.)

Monday, September 10, 2012

First Bubble Tea

Baby J attempted to get his first taste of Bubble Tea while visiting with "Auntie" Cherry and "Uncle" Jason tonight in Seattle.
Wait, Mama!  I want to get my hands on it!

Now how does this work?

Oh, right!  Shove this round thing in my mouth just like I see Mama do!

 Baby J doesn't use a straw yet, so Mama got all the tea (and bubbles) instead.  But he tried!

Ooh! A New Toy!

I was sorting out some things in the van during a stop on our recent road trip. A loaf of bread got dropped onto Baby J's seat while I rearranged food items.  I snapped this series of photos...
Ohh... what's this?

Maybe I can pummel it with my foot...

Oh! Squishy!  This is fun!