Sunday, December 02, 2012

Road Trip Stop #2: Taylor University

Road-tripping we will go, road-tripping we will go...

Stop two of our recent road trip was a LightSys stop through Taylor University in Indiana.  We were busy recruiting missions IT interns and talking to Spring Break code-a-thon peoples.  Of course, hanging out with friends and seeing the new Euler Science Complex were added benefits.  This was Baby J's first visit to Taylor!

Baby J manning the LightSys booth outside the new CSE department.
"Yes, may I help you?"
P.S. Yes, the diaper bag, which he is unpacking, is an ICCM backpack.

Mr. A checking out the new server racks in the old Dungeon.
Baby J and his favorite prof with the award-winning CSE Christmas Tree.
Cutting teeth on floppy disk (well, except he doesn't have any teeth yet).

Pray for a Taylor student to join us as a summer intern this coming year!
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The Arctic Foxes said...

Wow, Baby J is getting bigger. He's a cute little guy!