Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to Make Chicken Nuggets

I decided to make chicken nuggets for our supper on the go.  Here's how the process went...

1) Grab the recipie.
2) Realize I'm out of homemade "Bisquick."
3) Pull out the Bosch mixer - fastest way to make bisquick.
4) Realize that the butter and sugar is still in there from the attempt to make cookies two days ago.
5) Decide to finish making the cookie dough
6) Dump all ingredients together before realizing that I used the full amount of flour, but only half amount of the other ingredients.
7) Decide to double the cookie recipie.
8) Realize that additional butter is in the freezer.
9) *sigh* and rescue the baby that just woke up from the nap.
10)   ... umm... I haven't decided yet.  But I'm running out of time.

Part II
11) Grab plastic container to put unfinished cookie dough into. Find fake bird and bird nest inside.
12) Wash said container.  Transfer cookie dough. Insert into fridge.
13) Decide to mix Bisquick and extra nugget flavorings as one process.
14) Add paprika to other ingredients already measured.  Discover I don't have enough.
15) Say, "Oh well."
16) Finish mix and grab chicken tenders from fridge where I put them to thaw yesterday.
17) Dump meat out and realize that the bag contains not chicken tenders, but the bones and scraps from the chicken breasts from which the tenders had previously been cut.
18) Extract crock-pot from the cupboard. Dump chicken bones and scraps in crock-pot for cooking.
19) Grab chicken thighs from the Sprouts sale.
20) Finish assembling nuggets and insert into oven.

Hopefully that's the final part to this adventure and the rest will be uneventful.
Ah, if there were only a nugget of truth to that.  When is life ever uneventful?


Sarah said...

Reminds me of the book "If you give a mouse a cookie" :)

D said...

It felt a little like that. Except I never got the cookie. :(

Stephen and Lacie said...

You forgot the final part: blog about said chicken nugget adventure!

Leslie said...

Too funny! It's a little like making a salad, going to the garden to harvest a tomato, noticing that the squash needs watering, stopping to pull the weeds by the water faucet, realizing that there are aphids on the broccoli growing among the weeds, heading into the house for the insecticidal soap, and discovering a half-made salad on the counter...