Monday, April 02, 2012

My fun geeky diaper

My only diaper splurge so far, but I just couldn't resist. I love my techie/math geek and look forward to raising a little geek!


Jennifer said...

Cute! Have you heard about Go Green Pocket Diapers? I *love* them and they're very affordable ($8-10 ea)! Can't wait to see the baby! Praying for you in these last days...

D said...

Jennifer - I'm not sure if I had. I did stop by their website this evening - this one?

I've had several friends gift me with their cloth diaper collection, so outside of a couple boy-ish diaper covers, I haven't needed to purchase anything. The BumGenius shown was purchased purely for the fabric! :)

I'll keep the Go Green in mind in case I need purchase add'l items in the future - thanks for sharing! And thanks for the prayers too!