Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mr. Amazing Stole My Chocolate

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for stealing my chocolate!  You're so wonderful!"

How often do you get to say those words to your spouse and best friend?  And mean it?!?

I mean, seriously!  Greg stole the chocolate that rightfully belonged to me.  There's no other word for it.  There's no disputing the facts or changing the situation.  He stole my chocolate and I was overjoyed!  He loves me so much and it was so thoughtful of him to steal that chocolate from me!

What?  You want an explanation?  Okay....

It was a white elephant gift exchange with our church small group.  Person #1 picked their gift and discovered chocolate covered cherries, thin mint patties, and dark chocolate Hershey pieces.  Oh. my. yum!  So when my turn arrived, I promptly stole those luscious chocolates  from Person #1 and sent that person "fishing" for a new gift.

Greg's turn arrived three people later.  He promptly stole my chocolates.  And I was both surprised and delighted!  The version of white elephant gift exchange we were playing only allowed for two steals.  After that, it couldn't be stolen again.  So... since I stole it once and Greg stole it the second time, it had to stay with Greg.  No one else could grab it.  So now the boxes (and bag) of chocolates sit in my living room, ready to be consumed with a smile. :)  I'll take a picture of them tomorrow when it's light.

So thank you, Mr. Amazing, for stealing my chocolates so wonderfully!  That was perfect!

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