Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Go Rest!" = Blog about Mr. Amazing

I was curled up next to my Mr. Amazing on the couch, thinking about the dishes in the kitchen that needed to be washed.  Two days worth.  I had just been rinsing and stacking, so it didn't look like there were that many, but there were.  (Granted, we had been having some easy meals, but still....)

I started to get up when Mr. A said, "You stay here and rest.  I'll go wash the dishes."

"But there are two days worth!!!" I protested.

"I heard you say that.  I'll take care of them.  You rest."

I sighed happily..."I love you too," I said. :)

So here I am, curled up with my laptop and a glass of chocolate milk and a peanut butter sandwich. And blogging about my wonderful Mr. A. :)

Wednesday night, we had a Christmas Dinner with our church small group.  Greg brought his keyboard and Bob (small group leader) pulled out his guitar and they jammed away while the rest of us sang.  I wish I would have snapped a picture -- they had such fun playing off of each other and jamming together!  Patti (Bob's wife) and I were talking today about seeing and loving that aspect of our husbands.  They come so alive when they're playing their music. :)

Mr. A has been loving on me all day today - lunch date at Palmer Park, visit with friends, comforting me after I woke up from a bad dream during my nap, talking about anything and everything, and now scrubbing my dishes!

I love you, my wonderful!
Not from today.  Photo from an April stop at Palmer Park. I can't wear those jeans any more. :)

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