Friday, August 12, 2011

Book Lover's Joy

I got to go inside a bookmobile for the first time today! After reading about them in books when I was growing up, it's always been a wish of mine to visit one. Hurrah! No, I didn't check any books out. But I did enjoy just sitting on their steps and reading!


Jeffrey said...

We had a modest library in my elementary and middle school. I'd spend hours roaming the stacks, making wild discoveries and soaking in all the words.

But it was when the bookmobile arrived every-other-week that my mind's fuse would blow. This is where I found the new books, the new authors and the more narrow-focused writings that we couldn't afford on our shelves. For example, the new year's Newbery Medal and Honor books could only be found here.

Gradually I became grateful that it only came twice a month or so. This game me that much more time to seek out writings that were complimentary or contradictory or those serendipitous findings that would lead me to another latitude.

Thanks for bringing up this memory!

Leslie said...

You didn't check out any books?

My mom was a librarian. I had my own library card at age four. I spent many happy hours wandering around our local library branch. I always amassed a pile of books, and was frustrated that children were only allowed to check out three at a time. Since I could read three children's book in one evening, we made many, many trips to the library! And I still do. 8-)