Monday, July 11, 2011

Climbing Around

My internet connection is about to die.  Maybe that will encourage me toward brevity.  Or maybe not. :P

Just had to do a fun blog update.  It seems we've been climbing around a bit recently.  Independence Day weekend we decided to climb Mt. Elbert, the highest peak in Colorado.  We didn't summit, but did make it up to 13,800+ feet!

The views were beautiful!

Oh, and today?  Today we went rock climbing at Garden of the Gods!  Thanks to a deal site and a friend who gave us money "to do something you wouldn't ordinarily do," we donned climbing harnesses, shoes, and helmets and clambered up the heights.

I loved it!!!  It seems like the rocks call out to me, "Climb me!  There's a tiny little handhold right here... can you climb me?"  So it was FUN FUN FUN to get to climb up the rock face and know that you were hooked into a rope in case you slipped.

What's more fun than climbing around on rocks?  Climbing around on rocks with friends!  Mr. Amazing was there and I simply adore having fun with Mr. Amazing.  And (bonus!) got to hang out with our friend Beth!

This week's spiritual lesson? "Let patience have her perfect work in you" (James 1) and climbing mountains (and life) one step at a time.   Patient perseverance in God's strength.

Here we keep climbing!

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