Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wash, pizza, keys - you name it!

Okay, so it was a crazy afternoon.  We've got three interns with us at our Colorado Springs office and we're getting ready to travel to Seattle for two weeks.  And yes, the interns are coming with us.

Plan: Dorinda would pack in the afternoon and then show back up at the office by 7pm with Little Ceasar's Hot & Ready pizzas for supper and the movie War Games.

4:00pm. Clean the van and swap stuff in and out of the storage unit.  Busy!
5:00pm. Remember that I need to run a load of laundry or the intern crashing on our couch tonight won't have a clean towel.
5:15pm Finally get around to checking the apartment washing machines.  They are all busy.

6:15pm. Washing machines are available.  Load started.  Search for more camping stuff in storage unit.
6:45pm. Time to put load in dryer.  Find problem: no more quarters.
6:47pm. Drape clothing (and towel) over various pieces of furniture in the apartment.
6:50pm. Jump in van and drive the mile to Little Ceaser's
6:54pm. Attempt to place order for pizzas and find out from employee that the store is already closed for the evening.
6:55pm. Mumble, "That's nice to know" and stumble in shock from the store.  WHAT PIZZA PLACE CLOSES BEFORE 7PM?!?!?!

7:10pm. Arrive at Safeway to purchase Totino's pizzas on sale.  Yay for backup idea!
7:11pm. Page through coupons to find Tontino's coupons.  Victory!
7:12pm. Lock van and shut doors.  Touch jean pockets.  Frantically check pockets and peer through van windows.
7:13pm. Call Mr. Amazing to let Him know that Mrs. Amazing locked the keys in the van.
7:15pm. Mr. Amazing starts walking to the van with the extra set of keys.  Praise God that Safeway is only a mile from the office.
7:24pm. Use coupons skills and tips from Springs Bargains to pick up Tontino's pizzas for $0.75 each and a free box of Popsicles.  Yes!
7:33pm. Mr. Amazing arrives with keys.  We drive back to the office.

So then the rest of the evening went almost as planned.  Pizzas, a movie, a few random youtube videos, and a quick visit with wonderful friends when we dropped the interns off at their host home.

I have to admit, I mostly laughed over the pizza and locking my keys in the car incident.  It was one of those times where if you don't laugh, you'll cry.  And I'd much rather laugh.  And Mr. Amazing kept reminding me that "it's okay."  I appreciated that.

Anyway - I hope your day went a bit more smoothly than mine.  But perhaps you can get a chuckle out of mine too.  I'm sleepy.  Off to bed...

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