Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Our New Place

Mother has been after me to post a view from our back door, so here's a few pics in general of our new place. We live in a 26 unit, u-shaped apartment building, two stories. We're in the base of the "U" on the first floor. The courtyard of our building used to have a swimming pool, but they converted it to a garden (with a fountain) in more recent years and many of the residents love to help keep the flowers beautiful in the summer.

 Our front door

With the "Rejoice" sign that my sister sent me as a housewarming gift in 2004. :)

Courtyard in the early morning.  (The view from our front door.)

The fountain with the wise old owl (with glasses!)

The cross in the walkway
And finally...  the view from our back patio door.
Yep! That's Pike's Peak in the background.  For a Kansas girl, it's a little strange to see the mountains every morning.  I keep saying with wonder in my voice, "Those are my mountains..."

Or this morning, "Good morning, mountains!  And Good morning, God!  Thanks for making the mountains!"  :)


Jen said...

Makes me think of when you pointed to a wheat field in Kansas and said, "that's what a wheat field looks like," and I said, "I know that. We have wheat fields in Oregon - they just have mountains behind them." ;) Love you!

D said...

Haha! You're right - back then, I didn't know that they grew wheat in Oregon. Now I've seen the wheat fields in Oregon first hand. :) God's beautiful creation!!!

Leslie said...

We've lived here 18 years and I still stop and stare at the mountains, and thank God for making them. It never gets old!

Unknown said...

It's great to see your new place!

D said...

@Ketty - thanks! Glad we could stop by yours last year! (You do a great job of decorating!)

@Leslie - I'm glad you enjoy them too. I'm fearful that after living here too long, I'll take them for granted. But I guess I don't take my open plains of KS for granted, so maybe there's hope. :)

Braley Mama said...

Wow, what a cool place to live! God is so good!