Thursday, December 02, 2010

Contemplative Catch-Up

Wow - my blogging tends to go in spurts!  And I've been feeling way too guilty (and slightly too busy) to catch up.  Until this evening. Now my contemplative mood is getting the better of my guilt.

Yes, it's a cold evening here in Kansas.  But I've been baking, so the house feels a little warmer than usual and we have a WoodWick candle burning merrily (since we don't have a fireplace). We've been settling back in from our November-long road trip and today was my first grocery shopping day since being back (and between meals and holiday baking plans, I bought lots of groceries!).  Grocery shopping led to a feeling of domesticity, so I made pizza for supper.  I doubled my crust recipie, so now I have three extra batches of pizza dough in the freezer for next time.  (Thank God for my Bosch mixer to do the kneading for me - I was too tired.) And we used up leftover Thanksgiving ham for the pizza topping!

Grocery shopping gets interesting when you're home for 5 weeks, gone for 6 weeks, home for 6 weeks, gone for 15 weeks, home for 8 weeks, gone for 4 weeks, home for 4 weeks, gone for 9 weeks.  Our freezer likes to freezer-burn meat in about 5 days, so I don't stockpile meat or other frozen goods on sale like I would otherwise.  I did pick up quite a supply this week.  Hopefully we'll make it through most of it before we leave on our next road trip at the end of the month.

Last road trip summary: 2 weeks in Colorado Springs for LightSys business, 1 week hiking the Grand Canyon for our anniversary (see picture!), 3 days visiting supporters, and 4 days helping friends in Colorado Springs move into the new house!  All in all, a great trip!  But I was worn out and ready to be home at the end of it!

Next road trip: To Atlanta to see Greg's family for Christmas and then off on our "college tour" to share with college students about the urgency of the lost world and the need for computer people in missions.  Cedarville, Taylor, LeTourneau, and Calvin are all on the list.  Does your college have a missions week and a computer department?  Let us know and we'll see about stopping by!

Now: Off to my Bible reading!  God's been poking at me on this.  Being on the road can wreak havoc on "routine."  God's Word - my foundation! Hurrah!

Here's a few Grand Canyon hiking pics for you...
Us and our packs just before hiking down into the canyon!  We're still clean!
 Sunrise at Plateau Point on Day 6 of our hiking trip
 Filtering water for drinking at Monument Creek
 Hanging out at the bottom of the canyon on our anniversary!

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