Sunday, November 14, 2010

One (Amazing) Year

I'm actually not at my computer.  I'm off with my husband today for our anniversary.

Wait!  What was that I just typed?  "Our anniversary"?!?  Wow!  Having been single for so many years, it is really kind of strange to think of me having a wedding anniversary.  This first year has flown by!  We've spent 30+ weeks on the road and traveled through 26 states.  We've been hosted by at least 17 different families as we've traveled, consumed 20+ pounds of trail mix (our favorite snack), and eaten way too many McChickens!

Inevitably, some people hear about our traveling lifestyle and say, "Wow!  You and your husband get to travel all the time!  You must have an amazing marriage!"  We laugh and assure them that we do enjoy life on the road, but it doesn't mean that everything is automatically perfect. :)  In fact, as much as we love our host families (you guys are wonderful!!!), perpetually living your lives out of someone's guest room can be a very stretching experience!

But Greg, this year has been amazing!  Sure, I drive you crazy some times and I'll never admit it, but there are even a few times that you've driven me crazy. :P  But I'm so thankful for you and so blessed that God brought us together!  I think about those times you've looked me in the eyes and reminded me of God's truth.  Of the times we've grabbed hands and danced and twirled as we did on the day of our wedding.  Of the times when you've hugged me and held me when I've been on the road too long and am yearning for friends and "home."  Of the times when I'm washing dishes and you pull out your guitar and start singing praise songs.  Of that time when I was finishing the pizza and you held the ice pack to my leg because I had burned my leg on the oven door.  Of how you let me grab your arm and almost climb into your lap when we watch a scary movie!  Of how you still love me, even when we've been backpacking and I haven't showered in five days!  And most of all, I love watching your face and the pure joy in your expression when you've got your hands upraised, worshiping the Lord with your whole heart!

I love you, Greg Beeley!  And I'm so glad I get to spend my life serving the Lord with you!  Thanks for being my partner in this dance of life!


Leslie said...

Congratulations! and my God continue to shower you both with blessings. Happy Anniversary!!!

Braley Mama said...

HAppy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!! ♥