Sunday, August 08, 2010

It's my Birthday!

It's my birthday!  And no, I'm not posting this post so you can send me presents (although presents, cookies, and cash are never turned down - please mail to my Georgia address).  I'm just posting because I'm happy!  It's that contented, slightly sleepy, all's-right-in-my-world type feeling that comes from a delightful nap, wonderful family, and watching my husband make pancakes for my birthday supper.

Yep!  I'm here blogging at the kitchen bar at my in-laws and Greg is busy making us pancake and bacon for supper.  I love my Mr. Amazing!  The first pancakes have pecans in them and the last one is going to have chocolate chips. :)

It's been a wonderful three-day birthday.  Thursday, we celebrated with my Gates family while we were all together at the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  We celebrated my parents' 38th anniversary (Aug 5th), my niece's first birthday (Aug 6th), and my birthday (Aug 8th) with a bear-shaped cookie cake and mint stick brownies.  Saturday, we had a birthday dinner for Greg and I in Atlanta with Greg's parents, my parents, Greg's sister and family, and two of my sisters.  And today (my actual birthday), we enjoyed lunch out with Greg's parents and then a lazy, sleepy, Sunday afternoon nap.

I'm back in the computer world this week, so more updates soon.  In the meantime, Happy Birthday to Me!


Unknown said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Dorinda! I am so glad you have a wonderful day, and it sounds like a great week with the family too! May your year to come be very blessed!

Unknown said...

sounds like you had a good week...and just to drag out your celebratory time Happy Birthday! *

D said...

thanks, Ladies! Glad to have you as wonderful friends!

Trevor said...

Happy birthday! And nice to make your acquaintance :)