Monday, July 05, 2010

Have it Your Way

Greg and I end up eating out more than we'd like since we're on the road so much.  After a while, one gets tired of packing sandwiches around and trying to keep refrigerated stuff refrigerated.  So we end up at the dollar menu.  Phrases like "a Buck Double, no cheese" and "a crispy chicken sandwich, please" and "a McDouble, no cheese, lettuce, ketchup, onion only" tend to populate our orders.  And of course, all the of the fast food places are glad to customize our orders.  After all, Burger King's current motto is, "Have it Your Way."

Walking out of Burger King the other day, I spotted this sign mounted by the door handle:

Greg and I had a good laugh!  Can you imagine if I decided to be stubborn and stood there at the door pushing on it?  How silly I would look!  There's no way I can budge that door by deciding to do it my way!  But it also reminded me of sometimes when God is working in our lives.  And sometimes, even as Christians, we push back against God's plans or protest against the path those plans take us down.  How silly we must look, trying to push back against an all-mighty God.

And how much patience He has with us!  Thanks, God!

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