Friday, July 16, 2010

Boots, Locks, Fish, and Chips

It's a dream come true (more on that in a sentimental post sometime), but Greg and I are collecting backpacking gear and getting ready to do some backcountry camping.  We stopped by a Second Ascent (a camping store) in Ballard today to try on hiking boots and found excellent service, but not the right boots.  The store closed at seven, so Greg asked if I wanted to stop by the locks (more memories). We did.  Here's a bit of our evening:
Watching a dinner cruise ship heading through the lock to the Puget Sound.  Actually, we were watching the locks open and close and the boat go up and down as the water levels changed.

See the guy on the upper floor on the left?  He is so doing the "elbow, elbow, wrist wrist wrist" wave!
(To be honest, I didn't even notice him until I was looking at my pictures.  But I'm convinced. Are you?)
Watching the fish jump up the fish ladder.
The train drawbridge going up to let sailboats out to the Puget Sound
And us :)

 Then?  Stopping by Ivars for Fish 'n' Chips - my first time to have such!
Yesterday was our 8th month-iversary, so we're still celebrating. In fact, we think we'll keep celebrating the rest of our lives - one day at a time. :)


rivergreg said...

Actually the guy on the boat isn't doing the elbow-wrist wave. He's doing the tomahawk chop. You know, there has to be at least one Atlanta Braves fan in Seattle. :)

Unknown said...

So sad, fun night we missed out! We celebrated every month our first year! Its a must I think! But we have dates at least weekly still to and go away together every few months also!

MissSparrow said...

I love Ivars!! It's so tasty! I'm glad you had a great time together.