Sunday, June 20, 2010

ICCM Again!

It's that time of year again when all computer techies who love missions congregate at Taylor University for the International Conference on Computing and Missions (ICCM).  While this is my fourth time to attend, it's my first time to attend as a married person and my first time to be representing LightSys instead of GFA.

Ahh... ICCM!  Those five days when all the techies stay up late talking techie stuff and playing board games and watching the world cup.  We had a planned spontaneous worship time tonight in the dorm lobby and had a wonderful time of praising God!!!  Several of the attendees had gotten a nap Sunday afternoon, so they weren't feel the standard sleep deprivation quite as much.  We worshipped in song for a good 2+ hours and didn't realize when the hands of the clock crept past 11pm.

So yes, it is 1:34 in the morning.  And I'm sneaking in a blog post before I go to bed.  And I'm teaching a session on staff training tomorrow afternoon and I'm not ready for it.  And Greg and I have to be ready to start worship team practice in 6 hours.  I think I gotta get some sleep!!!


Mrs. Dan said...

Praying for your session today. It was great seeing you guys last weekend!

J said...

"planned spontaneous"

Just did a true LOL. Good thing there wasn't anyone in the office at the moment!