Monday, May 03, 2010

No more room for you, infidels shared a prayer request today for Christians in Iraq.  Christian leaders, churches, and businesses there have been threatened and targeted since 2003, but more recently a letter was sent to an Iraqi bishop telling the Christians to, “leave the country of Muslims (Iraq) for good and immediately in the form of mass transmigration.... There’s no more room for you, infidels, among the Iraqi Muslims. Our swords shall be placed upon your necks and the necks of your followers and other Christians residing in Mosul.”

Iraqi Christians shared: "it’s not safe for people to wander in streets, especially for the Christians who are constantly being threatened. Many times we cannot reach our offices or do not go to church because a bomb might be waiting for us there.”

Pray for wisdom and protection for the Iraqi Christians and pray that they would have the grace and strength to forgive those who stand against them. 

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