Monday, May 10, 2010

Accountability Report-in

Hmm... not quite what I was hoping for...
  • Figured out how to get Facebook to import my blog posts on demand (thanks, Greg!)
  • Changed loads in laundry
  • Applied Windows and Firefox updates to my computer
  • Did weekly grocery shopping (really short since we're leaving for a trip on Saturday)
  • Read a chapter in Power of a Praying Wife as I walked to the grocery store
  • Washed 3 days worth of dishes
That hit 8:41 almost perfectly.  I was going post this update and then got a phone call from a friend who informed me that she is planning on attending ICCM this year.  YAY!!!  When she told me, "I have good news for you,"  I had two thoughts:
1) She's made the decision to attend ICCM!
2) I wonder if she wants to be my roommate.  I guess I haven't requested a roommate for this year yet.

Then I remembered a small detail.  I'M MARRIED!!!  I already HAVE a roommate!

1 comment:

Mrs. Dan said...

Yeah, the only thing about being married room-mates at ICCM is two beds pushed together is not very comfortable! I advise bringing extra pillows to stuff between the two bed frames!