Monday, April 19, 2010

Things You Need to Go Fishing

The Idea
[4/15/2010 2:41:15 PM] LG: Hi, Dorinda. Are you and Greg going fishing today?
[3:01:32 PM] Dorinda: I didn't know aobut a fishing trip
[3:01:35 PM] Dorinda: what do you know?
[3:04:42 PM] LG: The easyest way is talking on the phone. Although we don't know much.
[3:05:00 PM] LG: Daddy is coming back in 1 hour and then (if you and Greg think you can) we could try going fishing.
[3:06:31 PM] LG: Oh, and this fishing trip idea was born at Lunch Time.

[3:36:31 PM] LG  well.... Mom and Dad said we needed to get better bait than what Mom got when she was working in the flower bed. The worms that we have currently on hand..... are little worms that are fat as a hangnail.

Better Bait

Tackle Boxes and Fishing Poles

Faithful Dog

A Small Pond and a Place to Sit


Patient Person to Remove Fishhooks from Fish

More Fish

Place to Keep Fish Until Cleaning Time

Good Friends


J said...

Looks like a marvelous time was had by all! And fish for dinner!

Unknown said...

wow, the Gates family must sure are better fishermen than the Turners. Looks like fun...& all I got to do with my fam yesterday was take my Grandma to the dentist.

D said...

This was actually last Thursday, Laura. I was just late getting the pictures up. And you got to go to that festival with your dad this weekend, so you had some fun too! :)