Monday, February 22, 2010

Warning Sign

Saturday's weather was be-a-u-ti-ful here in Seattle and Greg took me out to see Mt. Rainier and do a little hiking (on top of 8' of snow). Who knows if I'll ever get around to writing a real blog post about the wonderful day, but one of the road signs did give this Kansas-girl a chuckle.

Narrow shoulder next 3 miles. Watch for pedestrians, bicycles, and elk.

I'm used to watching for pedestrians and bicycles, but elk?!?

P.S. Dad just told me that our neighbor in Kansas spotted an elk last week.  in Kansas?


Unknown said...

I've seen elk in Kansas....but they were being raised on a ranch by Morganville.

ginabnina said...

Makes me think of a set of signs I remember seeing on a road trip through somewhere (Colorado, perhaps). It was a set of 4 signs:
1: Elk Are Large.
2: In Herds They Run
3: Acrossed The Highways
4: Don't Hit One