Friday, January 08, 2010

First Christmas

I just finished taking down the tree and packing away the Christmas lights in their new totes and wrapping up the manger scene.  The "Christmas Season" is over, but oh how much we can still rejoice over the wonders of having a personal Savior who loves us this much!  And how grand to think of the hundreds of thousands around the world who heard about Jesus for the first time this last year.  Praise God!  And just think - you're a part of the work that God is doing!!!

On the festive side of things, Greg and I got a real cedar tree from my family's pasture for our Christmas tree this year.  I have pictures of us getting it, but they're on the family's camera.... oops!  Here's a few highlights:

Lights for the tree -- originally owned by Greg's parents

Yay for the tree!

Tree with cute couple :)

Ornament Greg gave me for Christmas

Inviting my family over for a "Beeley Christmas Eve" - complete with Wild Rice Hot Dish for supper (Thanks, Mom Beeley, for the recipie and Minnesota wild rice!)


Jennifer said...

Anna just asked me yesterday if Christmas was over. I told her yes. She said "Oh, so God is back in heaven now? Since it's not Jesus' birthday anymore" ! :) I think I explained it enough that she understands now! That was sweet though.

D said...

You have such a cutie of a daughter and she certainly likes to "think" on things too! Thanks for sharing that story!

Elicia said...

sounds like a fun christmas :)