Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Posting Again?

Yeah, I know. What's the world coming to? After Dorinda makes an important post, she disappears from her blog for a month and then suddenly resurfaces with two blogs in two days.

To be honest, this morning's post is a procrastination post. I haven't figured out which part of my list to tackle first, so I'm posting here instead of tackling it. Don't worry, Mom, I'm keeping it short. :)

My wedding is in 11 days. Wow. And the house is being cleaned and the program put together and the church is being renovated. Wait. What? I don't remember the "church being renovated" as part of a regular wedding checklist. No, it's not. Just my church. And we're a tad bit behind schedule. Right now it looks like we'll be moved back into the church about 5 days before the wedding. Lots of fun!

Okay - now off to work on my newsletter (out soon!), get ready for the day, and get emails sent and house cleaned...

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