Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crickets, Cornstarch, Clothespins, and Corelle

Aren't you glad God give us laughter!?! Last night and today have contained wonderful examples of God's gift of laughter to us! It's a little late, but here's a few abbreviated notes...

Crickets... they were all over the parking lost at Sonic last night and kept sproing-ing into the van and even jumping up on the van windshield! We decided that they thought the windshield wipers were a carnival ride, so we obliged them by using the wipers to propel them into an adventure! Greg's description is here. (I love you too!)

Cornstarch... I decided to make pancakes for Greg this morning (since I like making them and they're one of his favorite foods). He arrived at the house with the milk and we finished mixing up the pancakes-from-scratch and started pouring them onto the griddle. But they weren't cooking right... they wouldn't bubble! I finally wondered if the baking powder was bad and upon reaching for my container of "baking powder," I realized I had put in cornstarch instead! No wonder the pancakes were turning out like frisbees! We had a good laugh (all day today)!

Corelle... Not really funny stuff here - just fun stuff! We stopped by the Corellle store today and picked out the plate design we wanted! Mother - it looks like I get to have vines in my kitchen after all! :)

and last, but not least, Clothespins... the "busy-ness" of registry shopping today was delightfully interrupted by random clothespins being sneakily attached to the back of my shirt. I would eventually find the said clothespin and discover a message written on it... "You're so lovely, honey! " Each clothespin brought a new message from my wonderful love!

Yay for laughter, love and lots of grace!

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too much fun!