Thursday, June 25, 2009

Escape to Escape

After supper with the J-Fam tonight, Greg and I took our laptops to Escape coffee house and worked on some schedule logistics for the next month or so. The barista on duty went beyond her duty - treating us to free day-old doughnut holes and custom mixing a drink for me. In fact, the evening was wonderful - a combination of logistics and smiles and fun and closing with a random, brief video skype call to my KS family!

We sat there at Escape, close to each other and holding hands and Greg made the comment, "We sure weren't doing this last time we were here." No, we sure weren't! We had stopped by Escape in January when Greg was here and we were still seeking the Lord's direction on whether or not to enter a relationship. Wow! The memories associated with that Monday night... but that story will have to wait until we get our joint blog up. :)

My newsletter finally got printed today, so we're working on getting that sent out. I've been starting to make a list of things I need to document for my responsibilities at the office and setting aside time to work on those. But then we have a whole bunch of new people/volunteers /interns starting next week, so that's keeping me busy too!

Meanwhile, on the field, a missionary was arrested over a week ago and still remains in police custody. Pray for his release and pray for the boldness and safety of the church that he pastors!

Now? I'm off to bed... sleepy, sleepy...

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Unknown said...

hmm...escaping to a coffee house...sounds fun.

don't really have anything else to say so Hi! Hope you're having a great weekend.