Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beep Beep Beep

No, it's not the roadrunner running from the coyote. It's the front doors of the office. The locks are messing up, so I get to sit here for a little bit and make sure the lobby is "secure" until the smart people get the door controllers reset. (Go System Admin!)

Tomorrow starts the annual ICCM conference at Taylor University. Techies/Missionaries (including some of our staff) gather from around the world for the International Conference on Computing and Missions. I attended ICCM in '03, '05, and '07 and I have to say it is the most life-changing conference I've ever attended. Hands down, no comparison.

Why? ICCM is where Greg and I met.

Yep, that's another piece of the story that needs written up! Greg is the worship leader at ICCM as well as a techie/missionary, so everyone knows who Greg is. And I'm one of six (yes, that's 6!) or so female techies/missionaries who attend, so everyone knows who I am. I just didn't realize that Greg had a specific interest in wanting to know me...

Greg should be arriving in Indianapolis right! He's picking up a LightSys intern at the IND airport and then driving on up to Upland, IN to start worship practice. From our office, System Admin and Network Admin and IT Coordinator are flying up tomorrow.

As for me? I've just finished setting up a new laptop for one of our remote staff and am getting ready to head to KT's house for supper with her girls! I'm not attending ICCM this year (sadly) due to the need to keep things running here at the GFA office. You can pray for all the systems to work smoothly (and the doors to work too!) while all the smart people are gone.

I miss you, Greg!

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