Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Morning with the J-Fam

Ever since the ants invaded the candy in my third grade valentine cards, Valentine's Day has never been a huge holiday for me. But this morning at the J-Fam's was fun. J-Fam Dad woke up early and made breakfast for the family (oatmeal with cinnamon and nuts and raisins) and J-Fam Mom made blueberry vanilla tea and served it in the rose china teacups. J-Fam Dad had bought a red rose for his lovely wife. And Cody put on his favorite love songs and danced around while Kyle made happy valentine hearts for everyone. And J-Fam mom and dad told funny stories as they curled up on the couch and listened to "their" song - Alan Jackson's Livin' on Love. Now they're heading out on a date and I'm curled up here (still in my PJs) getting ready to start on reimbusement forms. *smiles* It was a fun lazy Saturday morning!

Just like an old-fashioned story book rhyme...

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