Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tomato what?

KT stopped by between work and prayer meeting and we made tomato soup. We both had things on our mind, so it was fun to just mix tomato stuff and milk and use my garage sale whisk to mix it all up. Except we boiled it a little too long because my kitchen timer is already packed. So I think it's tomato glop instead. I haven't checked to see.

Jes is still staying with me at our old house. She'll be here until the 17th as she is helping our donor services department finish all the year end processing. Oh, and Renee (another recently graduated student) is also staying with us until she leaves the 17th. And Gen is a new staff person arriving on Thursday, but she doesn't have an apt yet, so she'll stay with us for the first week or so.

But they're moving the furniture out of the house on the 12th. or the 14th. We're not sure yet. Beds. Refridgerator. Chairs.

Lots of fun. Lots of packing between now and then. Anyone up for a packing party?

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