Friday, January 09, 2009

Random Things from This Week

Some things I did this week:
  • Learned (once again) not to sweat the small stuff (I'll never finish this lesson.)
  • Had coffee (okay, well it was Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate) with another staff member, Regina. I hadn't gotten to visit with her much at all - it was good!
  • Enjoyed supper with cousins Jen and Stephen
  • Invited myself over to friends' houses twice. Both houses had chocolate cake. My cousins decided I have super powers that allow me to discover chocolate cake. I told them it was my amazing nose.
  • Procrastinated packing
  • Started reading Consider Your Call by Gisela Punnose
  • Talked on the phone with my Daddy
  • Went shopping for a storage unit to hold my extra stuff when I move next week
  • Gifted my cousin with a plastic chicken that lays candy egg
  • Listened through Matthew and Mark in mp3 format
  • Had my first ever chiropractor appointment
  • Got two new roommates (for the next week)
  • Had a dentist appt and had NO cavities! YAY! (But you can pray for my gums - they need to be healthier.)
  • Got good-night hugs and kisses from the J-Fam's three little boys. They are so cute.
"Good night, Auntie Dorinda!" Good night, boys!

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