Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Formatting... or not

So I guess I don't have the formatting when posting via email figured out. I'll go fix that last post. Oh, and we had the tomato soup this evening and it wasn't gloppy. Well, it was burnt. But that's because I got distracted rubbing Jessie's feet and forgot that I put the soup on high to heat. But we made doodles for it and it was good anyway. Now to go scrub the dishes and then go see Angela, an intern from 3 years ago that's back to visit. Then I'll start packing. Sometime. Soon.

Jes and Renee came home yesterday with this "amazing site." It was Hamster Dance. Remember? That early internet phenomenon? I didn't know Hamster Dance still lived. But it does. So they spent several minutes perfecting their own version of the hamster dance in the living room. They hadn't heard of Hamster Dance before. Young'uns!

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