Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Body of Christ

The Body of Christ. The fellowship of believers. Some times we take this previous gift for granted. I've had a few reminders recently. Even now, I'm sitting in Betty's living room watching a movie with her and a friend. Betty's new laptop is happily working and the supper Betty fixed was delicious.
  • Jeff and Melanie at church asked me specifically about the prayer request I had shared last week.
  • The J-Fam needed a place to stay on their way to AZ and ended up staying with some of my prayer supporters. Michelle was so excited about the time of fellowship they had with these believers that they had never even met before.
  • KT stayed with a friend's parents in Atlanta last month when her Christmas flights were messed up. Again, tremendously blessed by the service and fellowship of people she had never met.
  • Ingrid helped me rake my leaves at the spur of the moment today.
  • The Lunsfords are having me out to supper tomorrow evening.

So blessed...

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