Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Update

It's been a stretching and busy week of sorts, but not overwhelming in the office area. The enemy was messing in some areas of my life, but he got discovered and vanquished with the sword. "Ha-Ha! So There!" He should learn not to mess with me. My God is bigger.

I'm a little wiped at the moment - just enough to put me in a weird mood. Getting ready to take a nap before all-night prayer. Short sentences work well. And can be funny. But not all of them.

Grateful Friday List:
  • All the songs we're singing tonight were already in the song database
  • Ben and Preston are running computers tonight
  • Praise God I get to sing songs tonight
  • Praise God for a roommate who faithfully challenges me to get up in the mornings.
  • Praise God for his strength for me and my roommates during this very stretching week.
  • Praise God for his work in human hearts - giving us love for people supernaturally (and helping people love us supernaturally).
  • The new login request we got today is due on Tuesday, not Monday.
  • Coffee with KT last Monday. We routed the enemy together.
  • UF tomorrow!

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