Saturday, November 08, 2008

Early morning cowbells

It's early morning. To me. And it would be to you too if you finally got to sleep about 5:30. I'm sure it's early morning to the hundreds of people walking past my house and the lady in pink out from of my house ringing cowbells, too. I saw signs of a planned fun run last night (this morning) as I came home and was curious. This morning's light revealed a "walk for the cure" routing right past my house--pink feather boas and large pink hats, pink kerchiefs and pink t-shirts and even the occasional pink beard. has set up her van outside my front door and cheers them on with sounds and music and cowbells. And the vehicles stream by, honking their support.

I did stop by the bank and post office this morning (dodging sidewalks full of walkers). And I got a wonderful care package in the mail from wonderful college roommate! So now I'm curled up here blogging, paying bills, and sipping apple cider. Thanks, college roommate!

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Rachel said...

Oh wow ... Several friends of mine from church were walking in that! That's amazing that they walked right by your house ...