Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another late night post

I'm off to bed, but I just had to post. Thanks for your prayers for Thursday! The Lord answered prayers in so many ways!
  • A friend invited me to lunch, rescuing me from working through lunch hour (my all-too-often tendency that gets me a friendly lecture from my co-workers). That lunch resulted in someone to help with the punch for the intern graduation and cake plates for the reception (tomorrow)!
  • Our desktop assistant and our IT summer intern were both amazing blessings on Thursday. Between the work they did then and the last two days, we're actually ahead of schedule on login preparation!
  • I had a great trip to IA for family reunion and got to visit with college friend Liz on the way. She took time off work just to pick me up at the airport, eat brunch with me, and drive me across KC to where my family could pick me up. THANKS, Liz! I'm so glad I got to see you!
  • My time with my family was good and I got to hear my sister's engagement story and visit with great-aunts and uncles and a few first cousins-once-removed and several second cousins. And I got to meet my adopted Russian second cousins for the first time. We had lots of fun together.
A quick prayer note: Caz - one of my interns - left the internship Monday to pursue other ambitions. Caz leaving partway through the year like this has been a little hard (okay, a lot hard) for myself, Jes, and Cas. Please pray for the Lord's guidance in Caz's life and for the Lord's grace for Jes, Cas, and myself. I know God doesn't waste anything - please pray that he will use this for his glory and that we have our eyes fixed on Him. THANK YOU!

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Elicia said...

Hi Dorinda. I discovered your blog. I like reading it. The URL of the blog I write for my family is Love you! Ellie