Thursday, June 05, 2008

Missing ICCM

I overslept this morning. Not because I didn't hear my alarm clock - I did! But I stifled it under my pillow so I could return to my dream. I dreamed I had driven three of my co-workers up to attend ICCM in Indiana. I had dropped them off and I had to catch my flight back to Texas. But I had a couple minutes, so I was running around Mitchell Theatre, trying to find everyone quickly before I had to leave. I only had time to hug Adrienne and spot Dan and Greg and Tim and the Open Doors guys before I had to catch my flight back to TX. I couldn't miss my flight because I needed to do IT Training when I got back to TX.

In real life, Matt, Josh, and Dave leave for ICCM tomorrow morning while Eric and I hold down the fort. Matt and Josh don't know what they're in for yet, so if you're an ICCM attendee reading this, make sure you help Matt and Josh feel at home. Thanks, guys! :)

And if this post somehow shows up on the ICCM jaiku page - ICCM, missions - know that I miss you guys and hope you have a great week at ICCM.

Now - off to print my IT Training docs.

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