Thursday, May 01, 2008

Seven minutes...

I've got seven minutes before I'm out of my allotted computer goof-off time this evening. Maybe bullet points will work best.
  • Caz arrived (two weeks ago. Did I tell you that?) and then headed back to CA for the weekend (and only the weekend) to attend a friend's wedding and then share about GFA at a friend's church. PLEASE PRAY for God to provide the financial support she needs for this internship year and for God to give her the words to share at this church.
  • I had much fun this evening with three friends at It's a Grind in Frisco. It was good just to hang out and laugh at Jen's cutest-nieces-and-nephew-in-the-whole-wide-world tales! I love Logan stories!
  • IT is busy at the office with incoming summer interns. We've got 15 college interns that will be coming at different times during the summer for about 4 weeks each. Lots of details to get lined up.
  • Gujarat, India has passed an anti-conversion bill. Pray for the missionaries and pastors working there.
  • For my college friends - pray for Jeni and Michael Helms. Michael is going through some severe health problems that they haven't really been able to diagnose. You can email me for more details and I'll send you a copy of Jeni's email.
  • I was reading my journal this evening and a common theme keeps coming up. I'm really self-centered. Pray that I would be content to wait on God's promises and wait on His timing.
  • And praise God for YOU!
11:15pm. Made it!

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