Thursday, March 27, 2008

One of those day

It was one of those days... If you would have peeked in my room at 6 this morning, you would have found me praying in bed with the light off. Never a good way to start the day. (Warning: emotional female. Guys reading the blog: skip to the end.) I lost my temper at a co-worker (but came back and apologized). I muffed a project that I was planning and found a large hole in a project I thought was finished. I missed my lunch slot (my own fault) and ended up lunching about 3:30. I think I cried more times than I could count before the day was over. I cried for a friend whose sister passed away and cried for guilt over my own failures and for sorrow over broken relationships and for shame over my own emotions and for despair over my inability to hear the Lord's voice. And just generally cried. The ladies on staff had a time of worship and teaching this evening. I cried some more as I ran the sound system.

(Guys can pick back up here.) I was getting ready to head home after Ladies' Meeting when I received a phone call from one of my roommates already at home. "Ants!" she cried. "There are ants streaming into our kitchen from the skylight. Huge ants! More than I can count!"

Well, I figured out how to get up on our roof, but without caulking tools, the best thing to do will be call the landlord in the morning.

*insert 20 minutes of fixing box fan* With the house reaching 80 degrees during the day, the girls have asked about keeping it a little cooler. We'll try opening up the house at night and see if that helps. I just didn't realize the box fan was broken. But the girls' room backs up to an alley and we're just a block from a six-lane road. The noise level is a little loud at night to keep their window open, so we'll have to pray for another solution.

Lord, it's a good thing your mercies are new every morning. In about 15 minutes, the new morning is going to arrive and I'll be needing a huge batch of mercy for this next day. Would you please help?

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