Monday, January 21, 2008

Getting ready and sonnets

Tonight...I am tired. The kind of tired where I could change into my long flannel dress and cuddle up with my grandmother's quilt in my Lazy Boy recliner and just write. Write stories and feelings and emotions and sagas. Write of the peace in my house and the excitement in my soul. Write of the countdown for Jes and Cas and Caz to arrive for the year. Write of anxiousness of my heart and the faithfulness of God's promises. How much God loves us! There is nothing we do that takes him by surprise and nothing we can do to turn him away from us.

Tonight, I feel my failures acutely. I feel like I'm still in the middle of them and can never get out from underneath them. But I also am captured by the Lord's unending love for me. He knows. He knows my deepest yearnings and my greatest joys and my worst failures and He loves me.

Honestly? I am in my long flannel dress with my grandmother's quilt in my Lazy Boy recliner. But it's not a night for sagas and GPR submissions. It's a night for me to Skype our Australia office about intranet changes and work on my newsletter. And get the kleenex box. Achoo!

You know the depths of my heart and You love me the same.
You are amazing God.

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Anonymous said...

I am praying for you. I am so glad we were able to talk and pray together on the phone.