Friday, December 28, 2007

Finishing and Provision

THANK YOU so much for your prayers. The Lord gave us much grace as we finished up the internship. There were many tears as good-byes were said and then the Lord gave us much grace in traveling too. Sara and her sister traveled home through the windy blizzard that hit much of KS and OK. Danielle's flight got canceled, but a later direct flight was able to be scheduled. My sister Susan was down visiting, so we stayed with cousins Saturday evening before driving up to KS on Sunday.

The family enjoyed Christmas together, complete with my brother's last minute trip to KS. Snow, cattle chores with Daddy, caroling, the Christmas story, and Christmas dinner with grandmother have all been highlights so far.

I'll be heading to a friend's home for some focused time with the Lord next week. The Lord has shown himself faithful in so many ways recently. Special financial gifts have helped cover Christmas expenses, unexpected car repairs, trips to KS after mother's surgery, and much more. A friend even emailed me out of the blue and offered me the use of their truck for two weeks starting on the 5th. He had no clue that my car was going into the shop for two weeks starting the 7th!

I praise God for you!

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God Bless.....& Happy New Year lt