Saturday, December 08, 2007

Caroling, Caroling...

We went caroling as an intern group this evening, visiting several friends, neighbors, and coworkers with the delightful sounds of our voices raised in praise to God. (It sounds really nice when I put that way, doesn't it? Much better than "the awful sounds of our off-key voices.") It was a really fun time. Travis's reindeer antlers with flashing lights certainly added to the fun as did the "men's ensemble" that kept holding the fermatas a little too long. We ended with a surprise visit to Auntie Gisela's home. I had called her earlier and asked when she would be home since I "had something I wanted to drop by." Boy, did we surprise her! Much fun!

I did get a few other things done today: deposit checks, pay bills, send in car registration, fix Jean's computer, purchase chocolate melts, make 4 dozen chocolates for vendor thank-yous, file all my health insurance and car maintenance papers... Between that and all-night prayer last night and caroling tonight, I'm ready to sleep!

Love you all!

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