Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mother update

As the voice message at the other end of the button says, Mother came through surgery fine. They were able to remove the blockage/thing from her bronchial tube and didn't have to remove any of her lung at all! (Don't ask me about the bronchial tube/lung thing. I'm clueless I'll post an answer when I get it figured out.)

Thanks for your prayers. She'll be in ICU for several days and then in a regular room for several days. My prayer? For her to be home for Thanksgiving! (I won't be there, but I'm still praying for it!)

Love you guys! If you think about it today, can you pray for peace for me? Just several things going on at once. I'd like to have the Lord's peace and not be depending on my own understanding.

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Rachel said...

I'm so glad about your mom! I will continue to pray for her - and for you! :) Love you!
P.S. Thanks for letting me "take" your chair in prayer mtg. this morning ... hee hee. (blush) :o)